RAMAGE (Monte Pellegrino – Palermo)

Monte Pellegrino – Antro della Perciata


First ascent: M. Oviglia and E. Pinotti, 2018/2020

180mt, 6c + (6a + obbl)

Gear: route fully equipped with bolt 316 stainless steel. For one

repetition bring 12 quickdraws, 2x60mt ropes.

Access: from the center of Palermo you cross the park of the

Favorita in the direction of Mondello. Follow Viale Regina

Margherita up to an intersection with traffic lights, where you turn

right on the road (via Monte Ercta) that goes up to the

Sanctuary of S. Rosalia. After passing the Valdesi cliff,

after the curve to the right go about 500 meters and take

a downhill road to the left (via Annone) and park

at its end. Go past the fence on the right

by identifying a gate and following a path towards

left that leads to the Addaura Cave (single pitches). crossed

the cave continue on the track to the left

skirting the wall and then climbing on scree

to the evident double cave. The way starts in the part

left at an obvious ramp (25 ‘

from the car).

Descent: from the top a comfortable and has been equipped

fast rappelling. From the exit of the street go

the ridge to the right for about 100m, identifying towards

the edge of the wall is a large olive with cord and maillon.

From the tree lowered by 50m to a terrace between the

overhangs, second drop of 55m in the void to the ledge

and third descent of 30mt on the ground. The stops are all equipped

with ring; the use of ropes is strictly recommended

from 60mt! The abseiling on the route is possible but

extremely hardworking.

Notes: beautiful and spectacular route that overcomes with difficulty not

raise the left side of the Cave. Climbing is always

very exposed, varied and exciting in the pitches they cross

the great overhang .

perciata 2_tracciati

Foto Luigi Cutietta