MILLENNIUM (CALA GONONE) ——————– Warning: some routes have been bolted, but many are dangerous as they are bolted in AISI 304 stainless steel with a high risk of breaking. Climbing on these routes is at your own risk! – TITANIUM (safe bolting) – AISI 316 (safe, expecially if opened in the last years) – AISI […]


STARGATE (Lanzo Valley

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Photo Paolo Carta

THE FRAME and OPERA (Ulassai)

Photo Paolo Carta Characteristics: two large blocks with 40 routes ranging from 7 to 13 meters. Intense and varied climbing at The Frame on edges, cracks, chimneys, overhanging walls. More classic than Ulassai, but always intense, at Opera. Sectors suitable for beginners and children with some dedicated routes equipped for the little ones. Approach: from Ulassai […]


MONTEZUMA updates 2021

Montezuma crags on Sette Fratelli Range is descripted in this page: here the last updates. The crag is published only in this web site (Maurizio Oviglia and Simone Desogus) MONTEZUMA (Sette Fratelli) (aggiornamento delle vie al 1 giugno 2021) —————————————————— 1 – ECCITTIRI – 5b/c – 15m chiodata da Simone Desogus 2020 —————————————————— 2 – MATTASA BOLENDI […]


CALA FIGHERA – Cagliari (Strapiombi)

Updates of Cala Fighera crag, Cagliari. Rebolted routes, new grades Overhang sector is know for his historic grades, a little bit harder than other Sardinian crags


MILLENNIUM – Cala Gonone (updates)

updates about re-bolting of Millennium Cave, Cala Gonone 1 – IL MIO MIGLIORE AMICO (7a) rebolted 316 L 12mm in 2019 2 – TESTARDO (8a) NOT rebolted, warning, glue bolts dangerous!! 3 – BUGIARDO (7c+) rebolted in 2021 316L stainless steel,belay anchor in titanium 4 – GIARDINO DELL’EDEN (6c) extended of 15 meters in 2021, 316L stainless steel 5 – GIARDINO DELL’EDEN original  (6b+) old glue […]

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