BALBACANU (Torri di San Pantaleo, Sardegna)

The right draws  of the routes

FREE BLAST (Capitan, California)

One of the best climb of the world, with a personal compare with European degrees

NOIR TANGO (Gran Pic de l’Espade, Pirenei, France)

A beautiful route on a similar Chamonix granite, in the centre of French Pirenei Mountain

VUOTI DI MEMORIA (Monte Gallo, Sicilia)

A new easy multipitch on Monte Gallo, Palermo

LECORCI (Ulassai)

The correct and updated topos (june 2015) of the Lecorci Crag

CARPE DIEM (Lequarci) Ulassai

A full bolted route. Rock it’s not good, but beautiful contest. Better to wait winter and climb the route with the waterfall, great experience!

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