On this page I update you on all my activities as a climber and bolter of climbing routes, as well about important repetitions of routes

14 gennaio 2021 – Cala Fighera (Cagliari) – I changed two bolts onTerapia d’Urto, two on Patrick Gambadilegno and I changed the first point of Fuori Orario. I changed also the belay of Fessura degli Istruttori, now is lower (foto © Maurizio Oviglia)

13 january 2021 – Millennium Cave (Cala Gonone) – The first pitch of Millennium has been re-bolted, now run independent at the beginning and at the end. The pitch takes the name of “Crisi al buio” while to make the upper part of Millennium, as has been the custom for years, is better to climb the pitch known as “La legge delle Chiodande”. This I will equip it in titanium next time, for now I have added a 316 ring to the belay eliminating a bunch of unnecessary ropes. – (photo © Maurizio Oviglia)

12 gennaio 2021 – Arrampicantro (Domusnovas) – Repositioning of the belays and retracing of some routes after the laying of the containment nets that prevented the achievement of the original belays. Even the difficulty of the Tropicoasi and “Il Caffè mi rende nervoso has now changed”. The grade of Free Tibet and Pastamatic remains unchanged, even with the new stop. (foto © Maurizio Oviglia)

10 january 2021 – Cala Fighera (Cagliari) – Finished to rebolt Magico Alverman, rebolted Disorientamento Notturno. Tweaks on Franabile Piccante

9 january 2021 – Cala Fighera (Cagliari) – Opened”Franabile Piccante” and start to rebolt Magico Alverman – (photo © Maurizio Oviglia)

7 january 2021 -Cala Fighera (Cagliari) -Free ascent of the new three routes, English Girl (6a/6a+), Back Stage (5c) and Artemisia (6a) – (photo © Cecilia Marchi)

4 january 2021 – Cala Fighera (Cagliari) – Bolted a new sector. Three new routes, English Girl, Back Stage and Artemisia – (photo ©Tatjana Goex)